What is Online Training?

Online training has basically the same idea as in-person training. Instead of meeting you in person, your Personal Trainer trains you by customized video´s and gets in touch with you via digital communication like phone, email and video calls. Your Personal Trainer explains everything you need to do and need to know and can help you with your form by reviewing a video from you doing an exercise.

For who?

Online training means having your personal trainer in your pocket, 24/7, and being only one click away from personal support, feedback and advice, where ever you are and whenever you want. This makes online training the perfect solution for people who live an unregularly life because of travelling or changing work schedules.

How it works

Online training starts with an intake by videocall to talk about your motivation, lifestyle, health and goals. The intake is free of obligation and gives you the opportunity to get to know your personal trainer and to make questions. The intake will be the foundation of your Personal Training plan. Based on the training package you chose, you´ll receive one, two or three training video´s per week, personally made for you.