What is personal training?

Personal Training is what it says on the tin: personal. With a personal trainer you work towards your own goals whereby results will be quicker achieved! Besides one to one training based on a personal workout plan there is also attention to your diet to help you to make informed choices on a healthy lifestyle.

We help you to achieve your goals!

■ Loose bodyfat
■ Develop muscle strength
■ Improve cardiovascular endurance
■ Develop corestrenght and stability
■ Rehabilitate of an injury
■ Prepare for a sporttest or contest

The first step

Personal Training starts with an intake or a kick off. Both meetings are free of obligation and consist of an interview, healthcheck, measurements, a movement assessment and a fit test to be aware of your lifestyle, physical condition and goals. We will draw up a personal training plan which will be the foundation of our collaboration.

Private Personal Training


BFitFormula personal training is available in two forms:
■ Private training
■ Duo training


If you are used to workout together with your partner or friend, duo personal training is a great opportunity to exercise together and motivate each other.


No matter which form you choose, both forms guarantee personal attention and support!


Especially for people who want to get fit but need to go abroad often for business trips, BFitFormula has the supplemented business fit service.


Besides your personal workout plan we will draw up a workout plan with exercises you can do everywhere.


With this service your training routine will not be interrupted and you will keep the spirit of participating in a personal training program.

Duo Personal Training